Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Those handicapped motorcyclists...

I think that the United States needs to revoke all the parking placards and handicapped plates and start fresh.  First, there should be a photo on the placard to identify exactly who the handicapped person is that's using it!
There is just so much abuse with those that it is crazy.  Walk down any downtown street and most of the cars have placards.  I especially love the one car I see every day with the birth year of 1906; it's amazing that that person still goes to work each day!
But my bigger problem is why do they get free parking in the first place?  Just because someone is handicapped does not mean they can't afford to park.  Makes no sense to me whatsoever.  And judging from some of the cars with the placards, all the money they save on no parking fees helps pay for the fancy cars/trucks/suvs (I especially love a placard on a 'racing' type car like a Corvette with a stick shift....or the one I saw on a motorcycle....give me a freakin' break).
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...More: Those handicapped Attorneys General:
That's why we must persuade Lisa Madigan to stop worrying about those terrifying robocalls and the scary sauna guys and start looking at the political class. They could teach her so many things.

So I'm inviting her to a special party on Dec. 28 at 9 a.m. in Room 4017 of the DuPage County courthouse.

That's where Carmen W. Iacullo, 58, a top boss in the Illinois Department of Transportation, is scheduled to appear on drunken driving charges. He was arrested shortly after midnight on Nov. 20 in Wood Dale. In the past, he's represented IDOT at events promoting driver safety.

Earlier, a few miles away in nearby Addison, the Italian American Executives of Transportation had held an annual dinner dance. Theirs is a philanthropic group that provides scholarships and honors prominent and worthy members.

Iacullo himself was the group's Man of the Year in 2010. At this year's dinner, an Iacullo friend, former state Sen. James A. DeLeo, D-How You Doin?, received the "Special Recognition Award."

But the Man of the Year of 2011 was the legendary Liberato "Al" Naimoli, boss of the Cement Workers Local 76. And what a man.
Kneecapped expert.

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