Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Will Obama bow to Iran next?

Iran says Obama should apologize for downed drone 

They know this president well. Iran goes on. "radical youths"? Read Ahmadinejad's goons. Remember, he was a "radical youth" who stormed our embassy over 30 years ago. During the Carter administration. Deja vu all over again, n'est-ce pas? :
In response to tightened economic sanctions against Iran, radical youths stormed the British embassy in Tehran on November 29, causing London to recall all its staff and close its mission.
Republican presidential candidates in the United States have upped rhetoric on a possible military strike against Iran, something Israel says it may carry out as a last resort to stop the Islamic Republic getting the bomb.
"It's better that they don't use phrases like 'all options are on the table'," Mehmanparast said, referring to the stock phrase used by Israeli and U.S. leaders about the military option.
"The phrase has been used so often it has become tiresome," he added.
You know what's tiresome? Death to Israel, Death to America. Death to women. Death to boys. Death. Death to children:
Watching Newt and Huntsman talk about Iran.Really shocking.What kind of a country builds nukes not only under their mosques,but their cities
14 hours ago
Newt is sure this regime will use nukes--after all, they train their children to be suicide bombers.Start by cutting them off
14 hours ago
I mean,how much does Iran care about its people--swimming in oil for energy but spending big bucks on nukes for"peaceful" purpose
14 hours ago
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