Thursday, January 12, 2012

in order to raise less cash than Bush, Obama had to attend twice as many fundraisers

I saw the copters over the city as I was on the expressway, the sunset reflected on Chicago behind me--Obama's direction. So, Bill Daley has bailed on this administration, Rahmbo's talking about "national" support. From the taxpayer-funded public radio station:
President Barack Obama flies into Chicago Wednesday for a quick fundraising trip. He's relied often on his hometown for financial support as the 2012 election ramps up.
The president last raised money in Chicago in August, and before then in April. One of Mr. Obama's former chiefs of staff is Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who on Tuesday said re-election fundraising will be a 'national' responsibility.
"I know this - the president can rely on his friends and deep supporters in the city of Chicago to play its role in that effort," Emanuel said.
LOL. The shakedown list is tapped out. What's going on with the vaunted O campaign, hmm, mmm, mmm: Context-Challenged Media Doesn’t Tell Full Story About Obama’s Fourth-Quarter Fundraising

Oh yeah, O had to go motivate the young skulls full of mush at his occupy the office campaign HQ

Meanwhile, his look at the worm priceless asset Michelle O is on the air telling us we're confused. (HT Pundit & Pundette)

I don't think so. We can do the math.

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