Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oh, yeah, Mitt's consistent

A consistent mush, a consistent tone-deaf vanity candidate--with the bucks to keep running after loss upon loss, a consistent flip-flopper. Via RCP: Where are the jobs, Mitt?

Gov. Perry took questions about where the jobs in his state came from. Answer the question--the American people deserve to know, and now. Former Gov. Sarah Palin: Sarah Palin To Mitt Romney: Prove You Created 100,000 Jobs

And what about this:
RCP Video

Gingrich Super PAC: Government Bailed Out Pensions After Bain Raided Them: "Right here in South Carolina there i...
More news--Newt surge:

****'Newt Surges - New SC poll places him within Error Margin of Romney' on

Anne Leary

Buy low sell high RT : Google searches for "romney bain" are up 10x over the past few days.
8 hours ago

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