Monday, January 23, 2012

Multiple Gang Memberships in Chicago...Dysfunctional Dem City

Doesn't this sound like an exercise in insanity--presumably murdering over turf but what gang are you acting for? Weis: Chicago murders up 25 pct last 4 months of '11

 Swarming buses.

As far as advice from Rahmbo goes...
Mr. Obama's change in tone from four years ago reflects the current political reality: At a time when the country is steeped in anti-Washington sentiment, Mr. Obama is no longer the outsider looking in, but the one leading a dysfunctional political system and a still-sour economy. [snip]
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Mr. Obama's first White House chief of staff, suggested last week that the president's plan to run against an unpopular Congress risks suggesting that he has accepted nothing more will get done legislatively this year. "It undermines the inspirational 'here's what we're going to do,' " Mr. Emanuel said. "That's a problem."
I think our President Barack Obama should make a speech--scrap the State of the Union--come on back to Chicago and say, can't we all get along?

How Illinois Lawmakers Failed You - Chicago Tribune
HT RCP: Welfare State Is Destroying America - Philip Klein, Washington Examiner

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