Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Flash Mob Chicago:Beats Kid, Yells Racial Slurs

This is in Bridgeport, former Mayor Daley's old family neighborhood. ABC7Chicago: Chicago residents are already worried about the NATO/G8 summit coming to Chicago this May, in a Days of Rage rerun. And Occupy Chicago is revving up, given political cover by the Dem publication of record, FBI, what FBI, the Chicago Sun Times.

Is it any wonder Chicago is a bit subdued these days about the reelection of "hometown hero" Barack Obama? The heartland mucked up, hometown companies are bailing, Bill Daley bailing on Barack. The city and state bankrupt and jobless (well, some have jobs) soon to be more broke and beaten up.

More on the video. Trib accepts police bland PC statement:
Police were questioning six youths this morning about the beating and kicking of a 17-year-old boy in a Bridgeport alley that was captured on video and posted on the Internet. In a brief statement, police said the attack did not appear to be racially motivated and that no charges have been filed.
  Sun Times for some reason on it:
The beating was captured on video by an accomplice and later posted on YouTube. The video shows the mob of young men yelling the n-word more than 25 times as they punched and kicked the victim — who appeared to be of Asian descent — in the face and body. They dragged the victim near metal Dumpsters in the alley behind the 2800 block of South Princeton. There they hit him with chunks of ice and choked him. One attacker used a stolen shoe, a sliver and black Nike sneaker, to pound the victim in the face.
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