Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Mitt Romney, Political Midget

My Internet today is so slow you'd think it was Mitt Romney not even attempting some vague understanding of what conservatives believe. Well what do you expect from a guy who sat out the Reagan revolution, then badmouthed it right off the bat when he ran for office. So what does he say fresh off the big mo from his Florida win--the one he's been prepping for for YEARS. What does this establishment darling have to say, even as he buys into Obama's un-American class warfare mindset--Mitt the political midget says "I don't care about the poor", confirming every leftist's view of Republicans. Is this the nasty brutish and SHORT Mitt campaign? I wish Vote against this guy everywhere you can. Tomorrow I am finding me a mean caffeine cafe with net


Rose said...

Yep - no joy in mudville here either - though to be fair - what he meant was - he cares about the people who have lost their life savings, their pensions, their homes, their jobs - the ones who played by the rules, planned for their futures, and had it all ripped out from under them (arguably by Obama and Co.). The ones Obama has not lifted a finger to make whole. The ones who would be served by a once-again robust economy, who aren't asking for hand-outs - the forgotten ones....

I'm not a Romney fan, but I do see that Soledad O'Brien was orgasmic over getting this quote that could be used so effectively.

Anne said...

You express this all better than Mitt Romney

But that is why I don't trust him. Because he could let it all happen again with his crony capitalist friends and his timid tax reforms. I don't think he does have a core understanding of why conservatives want smaller government--so we're not at the mercy of this leviathan . Obamneycare for starters

MathMom said...

I don't know his current ideas on the Tea Party, but last year he was rather dismissive of us, "anti" Tea Party, in many of his statements. This means we could try to hold his feet to the fire after his election, but since he doesn't really like nor connect with us, he could withstand the pressure we would exert on him to shrink government.

I wouldn't worry so much about getting him elected if I had an inkling of the provenance of all his changes in thinking, from being anti-Reagan to being "conservative".

I know when and why I became a capitalist in my bones - I was in Beijing in 1981 at an open-air market, where the Chinese people were newly granted their own postage-stamp-sized portion of the collective farm and permitted to sell what they grew on it and keep the income. More than one seller told me that he didn't work hard on the collective farm, but the part the government let them have, they worked very hard, because they could keep the money they earned from their efforts. I decided if capitalism was good enough for Chinese communists, it was good enough for me.

So,'ve told me how you became pro-life (which I question because until then you thought aborting viable babies was ok, but you got squeamish at embryos in petri dishes, so, whatever...).

You insist that Obamacare is an abomination and you'll repeal it ASAP (or, at least the onerous portions of it, leave the "good", which is similar to quarantining 95 people infected with smallpox but leaving five in the general community because they aren't as sick as the others).

And though your complete quote clarified the heartless sound of your statement, the rest of the world will never hear it - "I don't care about poor people" will be prominently featured non-stop in Democrat ads from now until Obama is re-elected. So, you, Daddy Warbucks, Scrooge McDuck, Eeeeevil Corporate Guy, have really helped us out a lot, dude.

I wish it were possible to surgically implant a mouth filter, and a spine. Mitt could use them.

Anne said...

Again. Much more articulate and persuasive than Mitt Romney

That China story is tremendous. I had a similar experience with newly escaped soviet jews here and limited glasnost trailed by KGB Intourist guides there

Anne said...

Yes. Mitt is so tone deaf he doesn't even know how to e deaf he is and so rich he is surrounded by yes men