Tuesday, February 07, 2012

she quoted me Burke

My primary residence is now in MN, I was shifted to Schakowsky's district the last go-round so nothing to lose. I voted for Norm Coleman for Senate in 2008 only to see Al Franken and ACORN pretty much steal the election.

So for this night I headed north to MN, a full moon yielding to a frosty morning, to vote in my caucus. We gathered in the local elementary school, in the west, MN7, and put pen to paper ballot. While we waited for the formalities to start I visited with my table mates. We talked a bit about Dem Gov. Mark Dayton and his profligate ways, and the new GOP hold on both houses, thankfully.

But I noticed on the table with literature by the MN lite coffee (they drink the stuff all day up here so it's not too strong, the coffee version of Minnesota Nice), the only presidential candidate who showed there was Rick Santorum.

We talked about why we'd come and the lady across from me said, well, she told her daughter she had to come tonight, and she quoted me Burke...

And that was the story tonight.


Diane said...

You're in Minnesota, now? Wow.

Anne said...

Oh yeah:)