Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Chicago Media Has Pfleger Pfever; Ignore Bishops Rejection of HHS Mandate

Chicago Daily Observer.

No wonder Axelrod and Obama thought they could get away with this, they're used to the toothless, godless local media.

The Trib thinks religion is in bad taste, fit only for rubes and crystal worshippers. The Sun Times' religion is leftism.

Obama and his ilk have handed the election to the mainstream of America, outraged by their arrogance--casually threatening our founding liberty, freedom of religion.

And actually, the decline of marriage as an institution has a lot to do with the income gap.

Obama's spiritual adviser Pfleger's ideas are as broken as the society he ushered in in Chicago. He's being eased out by the Cardinal--and that's good for everyone.

Do your job, media, or we'll pass you by.

More.Rasmussen: 50% Oppose Gov't Mandate for Religious Organizations to Provide Contraceptives

And this: Obama 'Compromise' Could Make Contraception Mandate Worse, Says Catholic Bishops' Official

...Sen. Rand Paul. Thank you kind sir.

The always irreverent NMA TV
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Adrienne said...

Pfleger should have never been allowed to go back to his parish when he was removed. A nice lifetime assignment to a hermitage was in order.

SpearWolf said...

No surprise here. The "Drive-By Media" (to quote a well-known radio personality) absolutely don't want the electorate to truly be informed about the unbelievable corruption and overreach of this gangster-style administration.
In a way, this whole situation is poetic many of the Bishops were for Obamacare while it was being crammed down our throats by a corrupt and lawless Congress, and NOW the Beast has turned on them. Thank God it seems they still have enough courage & conviction to stand against it. I am very concerned, though, that a waiver for Church-related organizations (rather than total repeal of the whole stinking mess) will be enough to satisfy the Bishops & bring them back onto the plantation.

Anne said...

Yes, absolutely.

But Chicago's political elite culture cowed the Cardinal.

Perhaps now that Rahm's in charge he wants to clean out the vermin too

Anne said...

Yes, that's the worry, that the Church will cave for too little.

Seriously, though, when the Obama administration interprets "preventive measures" so broadly,who can trust them? I mean, the bishops probably thought it meant something like Michelle jawboning people at our expense to take their vitamins, not morning after abortion pills

SpearWolf said...

Exactly. NO ONE, not even their closest allies, can trust them.