Sunday, March 18, 2012

Devastating. Message to Mitt: IL Wants Fitz not Grits

Here's part of my tweet stream starting with the most recent:
Sigh RT : Sounds familiar. RT : Romney: I've Already Made Enough Money
Now we hear Romney's coming back to Illinois again before the Tuesday primary--feeling the heat, Mitt? This is simply devastating, from John Kass, the Chicago Tribune's stellar columnist: Pressed on keeping Fitzgerald, Romney blinks GOP front-runner fails to grasp Illinois' corruption issue 

Vote for Rick, vote for Newt. Mitt? So-so so what.

More. Related Trib story on the race. Of course their editorial board endorsed Mitt the Milquetoast.
 ... Polling info: Nonetheless, 32 percent of those surveyed say they could change their minds by Tuesday, signaling a somewhat fluid contest.

Who can best take on Barack Obama

More. This from the Sun Times: Romney backers here looking ahead with an eye on the rear-view mirror

 Come on, Illinois. Your vote counts this time. Make it count--RIGHT. Santorum's the closest thing we've got to a Reagan Democrat in this race. Newt's the closest to Reagan's morning in America vision, this era energy=jobs.

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