Thursday, March 01, 2012

Remembering Andrew Breitbart

I shook his hand at a Sam Adams dinner and heard him speak a few years ago in Chicago. He was charming, incisive and irrepressible. But more than that, he was so right. I think this was my favorite moment, in Madison:

A devastating loss for his family, conservatives, and America. We will miss you so much, Andrew. God Bless.

...Rebel Pundit, who knew him well: Andrew Breitbart: Our Fearless General

...Andrew Breitbart, R.I.P.

Meeting Breitbart in the Bat Cave

Farewell to an old and special friend.

Andrew Breitbart. Sarah Palin He defended the defenseless.

The Right has lost its Achilles. 

And my friend Marathon Pundit with more. I am getting a lump in my throat again.


MathMom said...

Thank you for writing this. When I read the news this morning a shock went through my body. I thought we'd have Andrew to be the point of the spear for a long time, and now, who will stand up with such fearlessness and such vision? This loss is just too big.

Yet Bill Ayers lives.

Anne said...

Yes. We just have to, all of us, try each day to fill the the breach Andrew has left. He was a fine, brave man.