Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Where's Jesse Jackson when you need him

Via Steve Bartin, who makes the point. Elderly man shoots burglar in Chicago, Both Charged

In case you haven't seen this: Because Jesse wasn't there, was he.

He wasn't there when this all happened. Full audio. More emerging on Trayvon.

 Jesse wasn't there when that 6 year old girl lost her life in Chicago. From Rahmbo, of all people:
Emanuel used a refrain frequently cited by Chicago mayors in the face of the city's seemingly intractable gang problem — residents must do more to help authorities reclaim the streets.
"The first line in protecting a neighborhood is a community. It is not the Police Department," Emanuel said.
Neighborhood watch volunteers, uh, huh. No, Jesse's gotta glorify hoodies and gangs.

...Oh yeah. And how about the media using a current picture. And those tweets.

P.S. Day by Day.

More. Rahm has learned something. Obama? 

More. Via Ace, this. Legal Insurrection.

More on the 80 year old who defended himself--neighbors upset at his being charged.

More. Thomas Sowell: Geraldo and the Hoodies

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pathickey said...

Rev. Shakedown Ddon't do Black on Black -no market and no money in it.

Anne said...

Yeah. A totally cynical opportunist.

lb100 said...

Obama mused that if had a son, he would look like Trayvon. Chilling, now that we have met the "real" Trayvon.