Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another Beating for Trayvon

Oh yeah, this is how to win friends and influence people. Hmm, Jesse? Where are you.

Anything to say, PC media, who fanned the flames of racial hatred?

Beat first, beat often, come back with more people to beat up one man.

On Delmar Drive, off Pleasant Valley Road. The third incident. Well, if you don't count the "mostly peaceful" flash rob in Walgreen's.

More. From Mobile: Sharpton, Jesse J., Mr. Holder: I'm Calling You Out

 ...And it's not even summer yet.

Still selectively silent, Mr. President?

"It's Obama". Hatred empowered. Berkeley to Chicago to suburban NJ

More, the broader scope, not prompted by this specific incident, but reflecting the moral revulsion and outrage many of us feel these days:
On the welfare state, the liberals have two ways of intimidating reformers.  One is the "mean-spirited" argument -- that any cuts are made "on the backs of the poor."  The other method is the threat of civil disorder.  One day conservatives will simply respond like Dirty Harry: make my day.
Turning the tables means putting the liberals on the moral defensive.  On race, the liberals have not just tolerated, but encouraged moral monsters like Reverends Jackson, Sharpton, and Wright.  On class, liberals have demolished the authentic working-class culture, as the robber barons failed to do, and they have demolished the black community, as the slaveholders failed to do.  We are not talking about just hypocrisy; we are talking about a betrayal of everything liberals said they believed on race and the poor.  In the 1930s liberals stood on the picket lines with working stiffs.  In the 1960s liberals gave their lives for civil rights.  Today well-paid liberals make money -- big money -- out of urban pathologies, ruthlessly profiting from the sufferings of the poor.  This must not stand.
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