Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Another Obama Greenie Solar Subsidy Bust

So First Solar, recently vigorously defended by the geniuses at Obama's Energy Dept:
The DOE, which granted more than $14.5 billion in guarantees to solar manufacturers and projects, took issue with a U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform report that singled out the two companies along with others as being risky bets in the program.
“For nearly a year, congressional critics of the department’s loan programs have demonstrated a consistent pattern of cherry-picking individual emails from the hundreds of thousands of pages of documents the department has provided to Congress with the sole purpose of inventing false and misleading controversy,” said DOE spokesman Damien LaVera. “As these investigations have made clear, decisions made on loan applications were made on the merits after extensive review by the experts in the loan program.”
 On the merits.

...is making massive layoffs: First Solar cuts 2,000 jobs, closes factories to cope with ‘fundamental’ change in solar

How many jobs have you created today, Mr. President.

Insult to injury, just the other day: Firm sells solar panels - to itself, taxpayers pay

The Dem core constituency, the trial lawyers, are circling like vultures around another carcass of Obamanomics at our expense, electric cars. Hit coming and going.

...Gee, maybe our President Barack Obama will suggest a shiny new fatboy gov program putting solar panels on the roofs of electric cars. That'll really put air in our tires.

Yeah, Barack, you are the sunshine of my life

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