Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Obama 1%. Axelrod, Cutter Et Al

There's the lady lecturing us in the $1,000 jacket. Kind of familiar territory. But they're the ones that really care.

Meanwhile, David Axelrod, having just stunned us with his brilliance on the Sunday shows, comes up with this great strategery:

In Other News Of the 1 Percent

Then there's Hillary, living it up on our dime.

How bout the President himself.

To the leftie elites who want to rifle through your pockets and run your lives, "fairness" is just another buzzword.

P.S. Trust, huh. We had the Iran Israel flap, the hot mic with Vlad & Co, now: “Rep. Mica: White House knew about GSA scandal, withheld information”. Our "public servants": Fast Times at the GSA

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