Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Are You Really “On Your Own” in a Free Market? Brit NHS Turfs Out New Moms

The trouble with the government as helper is that the assistance must be taken (taxed) from someone else, who then has an incentive to object. Moreover, people end up competing (and advertising) to see who has the greatest “need” or is the worst “victim.” And with limited resources, there are fights about who gets them and before you know it, government provides “drive through delivery” services so that it can use more resources elsewhere. And when government tries to do too much, it “crowds out” private assistance, weakening those other institutions through taxation and regulation.
That’s why we find it so remarkable to see free market capitalism derided as a system that supposedly tells people you are “on your own.”
The genius of capitalism is that it harnesses self-interest to get people to cooperate in incredible ways.
Capitalism is about service to others, or you don't succeed:) And compassion works best closer to home, not crowded out by big gov. Republican House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, talks about his reform budget, guided by his Catholic faith.

Millennials, the newest voters, are looking for answers after having voted for The One:
The dramatic effects of the “Great Recession” had shifted the mindsets of these younger Americans — unemployment amongst this crucial Obama demographic is currently at its highest point since the end of World War II.

Furthermore, among the millennials interviewed, there was a “palpable sense of underemployment” according to Luke Frans of Resurgent Republic. Although these young voters still like Obama personally, they now hold him responsible for his policies.
Independents as a whole are looking for an opportunity society, not forced "fairness" that shares misery rather than create jobs.

Santorum's just pulled out. Now it's up to Mitt to make the market case to Americans.

It's our only hope.

More. Tax Policy is About Competition, Not Fairness Amity Shlaes What John F. Kennedy understood that today's politicians forget. 

P.S. Obama's Social-Darwinist smear of Paul Ryan. Rich Lowry:
Social Darwinism is the 19th-century creed that, drawing on biology, supposedly held that a laissez-faire economy should operate on the basis of “survival of the fittest.” The strong rise, while the weak fall, unaided and deserving their pitiable fate.
What are the telltale signs of social Darwinism in the Ryan budget? Total federal spending will only increase from $3.6 trillion this year to $4.8 trillion in ten years. If you can’t already hear the cries of children relegated to the poorhouse and of old people pushed out onto ice floes, you must be a 21st-century robber baron. Ryan wants to spend 19.8 percent of GDP as of 2022, a greater share of the economy than when President Bill Clinton left office — that infamous advocate of private-sector predation at the expense of the worthless poor.
Read on.

(Actually, we know who the real robber barons are these days.)

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