Friday, February 18, 2011

Rotter Chicago Unions Rally 5 pm Today at Daley Plaza

Will the Wisconsin 14 be there?

Unions are the new robber barons, making an end run around democracy.

P.S. Oh, and Jesse Jackson is in Madison. Who's paying him these days. A few tweets:

Christian Schneider
by SykesCharlie
MT @: New poll: 64% -including 42% of dems-say public workers shouldn't have unions at all

Josh Kraushaar
by SykesCharlie
RT @: Perhaps more compelling than that poll: The WI unions have lost Joe Klein ..

Doug Heye
by SykesCharlie
Interesting that Obama/DNC can tell a GOP Gov how to do his job, but can't tell Dem State Senators to get back to work.

Drudge Report
by SykesCharlie
REPORT: Average city teacher salary tops $100,000...

More. Phony baloney Obama. James Pethokoukis: Obama’s centrist shift evaporates

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