Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Discreet Death. Planned Parenthood, Chicago

My God.

Planned Parenthood Ignored Instructions to Call 911 in Tonya Reaves Abortion Death

They do call the non-emergency police number later for a 16 year old there for an abortion, beaten by her mother in the office...  "said it was child abuse".

Child abuse.

Even as Tonya Reaves lay bleeding and dying. Even as her baby lay butchered.

They waited 5 hours.

You have to know they didn't want to call attention to this botched abortion. They didn't want to do their best for Tonya Reaves.

Because, you see, this building is at Michigan and Madison. Right across from Millennial Park. Just up from the Art Institute. Lovely restaurants on the ground floor.

Carving a baby out of your womb is routine on the sixth floor.

But you have to know, those of you contemplating abortion.

Don't expect organizations profiting off the murder of innocent infants to care much about your life either.

Caring about life is so déclassé.

Holding Hands in Chicago. Who will Speak for Life

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Anonymous said...

And still they scream the lie that "legal" is a synonym for 'safe." And still they deny that abortion is child abuse. And still they pretend to speak for "women's health." It's absolute evil. Absolute evil.

Anne said...

Yes. Absolute evil