Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Need 350 more R election judges for Cook County

Deadline tomorrow. Hillbuzz has been on this for days, I've been tweeting about it. We're getting closer, folks, to stop some fraud in the making this year.

Chicago's registered voters numbers are down 225, 000 from 2008 so Dems will have to work harder for their votes, hmm, Lisa Madigan (Dem AG-Madiganistan):

They're low on funds for street money, and Dems may have overstretched themselves this year, (ha, Joe Walsh is no slam dunk to lose, Dems) trying to take back some congressional districts by fanning their gerrymandered map out from the city.

There's been a shock poll Romney leads in Illinois suburbs, so less fraud in Chicago could be key, as the rest of the state goes red.

Let's give them more to sweat about, folks.

P.S. RCP 2012 House map in play here. ...and wouldn't it be sweet to tweak the O HQ right under their nose... if you need some inspiration:

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