Wednesday, September 26, 2012

two bOnes to pick

The PC media:  new levels of self-parody

The pollsters: Tied among independents:
Obama’s average overall margin over Romney in these same polls is roughly 4 percent. Bottom line: You do not get a four-point lead overall with a tie among independents, unless you are squeezing substantially more votes out of your base than your opponent is.
Are Dems more energized than the rest of America? This election cycle? Does Barack have a more unified base? Really? Read on.

As Americans hone in on the election here are two things to think about, beyond the world being on fire while the Preezie preens:

Obama's War on Coal: EPA regs are killing middle-class jobs.

The Obamacare Gift Basket

Take your pick, the choices O gives us are lousy.

P.S. Romney-Ryan hold town halls in the key swing state of Ohio. The independent read:
“I need you to find people that voted for Barack Obama,” said Romney, and encourage them to change their vote this time around.

Had Romney or his pollsters seen those asking questions at the earlier town hall, they might have been encouraged. A self-described Republican Latina immigrant asked Ryan to address the immigration question and explain where the GOP stands. A Roman Catholic priest concerned with the erosion of religious liberty, asks him how things would go in a Romney-Ryan administration. An 18-year-old college female criticized Obama mildly then asked about post-college costs for graduates. The final question came from Barry Silver, an Orthodox Jew and former Obama supporter. He’s not keen on Romney, but his concern for the U.S. Middle East policy, the president’s shaky relationship with Israel, and the handling of the embassies in the Arab world, Silver tells me, has sent him toward Romney.
More: How Do You Get Romney’s Ship Moving in Ohio? Rowe.

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