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The Barackstar Bites the Dust. Back Story Bust

Peter Schweizer captures this other Obama with a bracing statistic in his book "Throw Them All Out," published last year. In the Obama economic stimulus program's Department of Energy loans, companies owned and run by Obama contributors and friends, like Solyndra's George Kaiser, received $16.4 billion. Those not linked to the president got only $4.1 billion. The Energy Department is far from the only federal program in which favoritism has heavily influenced federal grants.
My old posts. Why, one just the other day: $200k Stimulus for Chinese Solar Panels on Durbin's Office Roof

Let's go break the windows in Barack's house!!!

Rahm's Solyndra Report Card

Axelrod & Rahm's Amnesia, Obama's Slumber

Obama's Chicago Way Avenues to Power

The Bolshie Chicago Mob in the White House


Chapter I:
Tellingly, Obama has never lived in a black neighborhood. Maraniss reported in his book that when leftist activist Jerry Kellman interviewed Obama for a community organizing job in Chicago, he asked Obama how he felt about living and working in the black community for the first time in his life.

Obama accepted the job but chose not to live among those he would be organizing. Instead, he commuted 90 minutes each way daily from his apartment in Chicago's famous Hyde Park to the Altgeld Gardens housing project where he worked.
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Obama, Man of the People Magazine
And I don't object to Obama as black, or as a person of faith, I object to him as a liberal. I would further say that for him, being black is an asset, perhaps his only political asset---if he were white, he'd be just another liberal son of privilege who went to Harvard Law, and did a little community organizing while filling in the time before admission.
He lived among a bunch of leftist radicals. That's why he chose to live in Hyde Park.

Fascist Obama Campaign

Barack Ayers


Chapter II:
But law student evaluations made available to The Washington Examiner by the university showed that his popularity then fell steadily.
In 1999, only 23 percent of the students said they would repeat Obama's racism class. He was the third-lowest-ranked lecturer at the law school that year. And in 2003, only a third of the student evaluators recommended his classes.
He may not have written much, but he did like to talk. This redistribution tape came out recently, yes, we can--this one was ignored the last go-round.

My old post:

Obama: We the Big Government


Chapter III:
He was drawing from the same well that had produced the Community Reinvestment Act, relaxed federal standards for mortgage qualifications, and creative financial packaging of subprime loans, but doing so in a manner uniquely matched to conditions on the political ground of Chicago. [snip]

Obama's innovation was to expand the concept beyond simply building affordable apartments and high-rises. It encompassed a cradle-to-grave vision of providing for the material needs of the low-income families residing in the new housing, including their schools, child care, job training, medical coverage, clothing and food.

In turn, the residents would campaign and vote for the officials advocating the partnerships, adding significantly to their political power.
My old posts:

This morning, Marilyn Katz.

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Valerie Jarrett, Slumlord's Grove Parc Gets Fed $

Choking on Mendacity. Barack Obama's Way

Valerie Jarrett, Slumlord

Barack Obama (D-Fannie Mae)

ACORN Fells Obama Tree

Obama Haunted by Sleaze

Follow the Money


Chapter IV:

 Brazier's burgeoning real estate empire included a low-income housing project at 6223 South University. Today, MapQuest describes the Woodlawn neighborhood as "quaint and sedate." But in the winter of 1994, it was a frigid hell.
Barack Obama was the landlord's lawyer, cited for code violations by the city for failing to provide heat in below zero weather. More:
But Obama did his work so well that in the end, on March 3, 1994, the court simply fined WPIC $50. Only then did Obama tell the court of the forcible removal of tenants in the bitter cold.

An experienced Chicago housing attorney who reviewed the case at the Examiner's request said $50 fines against politically powerful slumlords were not uncommon at that time. The lawyer, who currently works for the city, asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal.
This is really damning. News to me.

It adds more depth to the Valerie/Rezko/Obama scandal.
The Return of Rezko

Yes We Can

Next post, chapters V-IX

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