Saturday, January 14, 2006

Republican Leadership Reform

The congressional race for house majority leader is critical to recommit Republicans to conservative principles of smaller government before the fall congressional elections. (As we know to our cost in Illinois, when we lose sight of this, we lose power, and deservedly so. )

Larry Kudlow on the entry of Arizona's John Shadegg into the race: " Hopefully, Shadegg, who is not part of the Abramoff lobbying culture, will run on the budget-cutting proposals of the Republican Study Committee, in particular the RSC plan to end midnight "earmarks," which stealthily insert pork into bills without debate."

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Anonymous said...

Kudlow is so right, and apparently President Bush agrees with him, according to his comments on earmarks in the state of the union speech. What a wonderful thing it would be to see about 350 line item vetoes coming from the White House!