Monday, September 18, 2006

Obamarama in Iowa

Sen. Tom Harkin's annual steak fry is a big deal in Iowa. Aspiring 2008 Presidential candidates are already jockeying for position, but this year the keynote speaker is one Barack Obama, fresh from jetting around Africa. The NY Times sends a reporter who marvels that you can hear the trees rustle as Obama's audience is hushed in awe.

The Tribune was there, and the Sun Times has already taken a poll on the subject in Illinois, and queried the public. Many gushed about Obama as being "so inspirational", but most seem to be a bit more grounded:

A quarter of voters want the South Side Democrat to seek the White House in 2008, and another 38 percent think he should wait until a later presidential year, according to a Chicago Sun-Times/NBC5 Poll.
Then there was the assessment of this gentleman, from Obama's former state legislative district:

Hyde Park retiree Delmus C. Allen, 57, was more blunt.

"That makes as much sense as jumping out of a plane without a parachute," Allen said. "Let him be senator first. And if he does that job right, and people begin to notice him in the other states, then put him in there. But don't send him out there on the front lines with no rifle."

For now it looks like those who know him best would like him to wait. Because the presidency is no Iowa steak fry, and the front lines aren't in Indianola.

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