Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Keep the faith, folks

James Pethokoukis, US News:
I just talked to one of my best Team McCain sources who told me that heading into today all the key battleground polls were moving hard and fast in their direction. The source, hardly a perma-optimist, thinks it will be a long night, but that McCain is going to win. So add this with the new Battleground poll (Obama +1.9 only) and the rising stock market...
UPDATE: McCain could win--why the polls overstate Obama's lead. It's NRO, of course pro-McCain, but read for yourself. And VOTE if you haven't--no matter what the exits say!! Remember, they were spectacularly wrong in 2004--and remember his NH primary this year. Geraghty, GOP kept pace in Colorado, and anecdotal on heavy Red district turnout. On Fox, a clip of a story of a Black Panther standing at the door in a polling place in Philly tapping a night stick. A veteran called the police after the Panther said we don't want any white supremacists here. Other Philly here. Via Drudge, McCain campaign sues to count military ballots in Virginia.

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