Monday, July 06, 2009

Maleficent Maureen

Maureen Dowd writing about narcissistic personalities in positions of power. Now that's rich.

Sitting on her perch, top of the liberal elite pecking order at the NY Times, she gives women a bad name. Any woman who doesn't agree with her she viciously name-calls, as if she never advanced beyond junior high social mores.

She and her media friends consider this kind of behavior as a badge of honor.

But much of the rest of the country considers it unkind and a disgrace.

I don't know what Sarah Palin has planned. But I have to say, if all she achieves is standing up for herself and her family, and establishing herself in the public eye as the unique individual she is, she will have struck a blow for women and men everywhere who are sick of sneers from those who appoint themselves as our betters, but behave in the most uncivil and poisonously petty way.

So let's objectify you, Maureen. The Maleficent One.

I imagine Sarah Palin will be more gracious.

P.S. A woman of the left defends Palin:
It seems that some blamers know that the bullshit published about Palin (and unfortunately repeated here) was just that — bullshit. Palin considers herself a feminist, and except for the abortion thing, she’s more explicitly feminist than the average American. When a regular Jane with that kind of background proclaims her feminist sympathies, it doesn’t seem terribly productive to ridicule her or indulge in the misogynist slander put out by the political hacks running against her. I mean, sure, by the standards of pure feminism, she’s an enabling godbag. But so are most American women.
"Like the NAACP sponsoring a lynching". Politics always trumps principle among leftist feminist "leaders". Always. The lie is king. The lie for The One this time. Angry haters. More:
Her speech also delivered some welcome punctures to the national gasbag known as Obama. And that’s another thing: it has not escaped my attention that many of the things Palin is accused of, falsely, are actually true of Obama. This is a guy who, as a U.S. senator from Illinois, didn’t even know which Senate committees he was on or which states bordered his own. (And don’t even get me started on Joe “The Talking Donkey” Biden, who thinks FDR was president during the stock market crash and that people watched TV in those days.) I’m not saying Obama’s a moron, but he’s sure as hell no genius. People say Sarah Palin rambles; excuse me, but have you actually heard Obama speak extemporaneously? As for being a diva, surely we all remember the Possomus sign and the special embroidered pillow on the Obama campaign plane. The fact is, Obama is an intellectually mediocre narcissist with a thin resume who’s lost without a teleprompter and whose entire campaign had all the substance and gravity of a Pepsi commercial. Yet people say Sarah Palin is a fluffy bunny diva.
I saw Palin's speech at the convention, she successfully mocked Obama's mystique. This woman is going to be pilloried by the left herself. Welcome to the rest of America.

Finally--I said back then Sarah is the Fresh Air. She could be just what we need now. At the time I was blogging at BlogHer, but got so much vituperation they turfed me out--I was disturbing their readers too much. Ya think they'll invite me back now that The One's halo has slipped?

Oh, and The Other McCain on Palin:

The punditocracy can't predict Palin because she shares neither their perspective nor their assumptions. Her ascent to political stardom has been treated as a fluke by most of the GOP establishment for the simple reason that she doesn't slavishly follow the standard script of Republican politicians.

Of course, in recent years this script usually has ended with "…and then the Democrats won," suggesting the need for a re-write.
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