Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obama's Donor Scandal

What a load of bilge Politico is peddling:
More than eight months after President Barack Obama won the White House, the remnants of his campaign organization is struggling to deal with some unfinished business: returning about $669,000 in tainted or illegal campaign contributions to a motley assortment of donors, among them a convicted murderer, Washington lobbyists and a number of foreign nationals, including his own aunt.

But the 11 Chicago-based staff members still on the campaign’s payroll are finding it was a lot easier to rake in a record-shattering $750 million than to identify and return donations that ran afoul of federal election laws or Obama’s own strict fundraising standards.
...the Obama team’s hypersensitivity to anything that could sully the president’s carefully honed image as a crusader against special interests and a champion of ethics and transparency.
It was clear to anyone not at room temperature that the Obama campaign deliberately skirted normal protocols for ensuring clean contributions. Well, maybe not clean, but at least legal, for now. Ha. (Blago's trial is next June.) And then there's this kind of thing. (Jarrett was his key liaison to deep Dem pockets.)

What rank hypocrisy. At least they're running the story I suppose. More scandal here--how could we forget the phone bank in Gaza?

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