Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Women of Accomplishment

They've got this big pix of Sarah Palin up on the Sun Times Oprah blog, with a predictable little "joke" at the end. (Hey, Sun Times, why not a pix of Sarah in Hong Kong? Very clever jacket, kind of a mandarin collar and a soft, petaled look.) She made a clever speech too.

No Oprah can't see Russia from her skyscraper, well maybe Michigan which is failed Obamanomics writ large, but Oprah can see the writing on the wall--she needs Sarah Palin more than Palin needs her. And she can't depend on The One to lift her show from the doldrums--he has sagging ratings of his own.

You have to think her trip to Copenhagen with the failed Obama Olympic contingent has to have tarnished Oprah's image as well.

But as I said way back, I'd rather have had Oprah for president than Barack Obama--she's actually accomplished something real in her life. I imagine she will graciously appreciate Sarah Palin has too.

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