Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Core of Barack Obama: MUST SEE

Was Obama a Committed Marxist in College? An amazingly lucid picture of Barack Obama at Occidental College and an insight into what he is today, from a fellow Marxist at the time, currently a political science professor/consultant who no longer holds those views. HT Steve Bartin.

Putting the pieces of the puzzle together:

Obama Responds on Che Flag.

Barack's Bomber Buddy


Clout List: Rezko Realtor Obama Sale
(Obama, Ayers and Alice Palmer)

Propagandists for Obama

Taking Stock of Barack: A Radical Primer

Barack's Axis of Evil.

ACORN fells Obama tree?

Fascist Obama Campaign.

Obama Ayers Khalidi
Hey Barack--how come this stuff isn't in your books? You yourself have said they are composite characters or something. Who is Barack Obama? We can't ask Bill Ayers--he won't talk. How come you tell your friends and those who disagree with you to shut up? How come so many of your records have been kept secret by you?
Barack Obama fell off his horse

Obama's Attack Machine

That was then.

Our President, The One

Czar Power

Bill Ayers No Dream

Obama Ayers Queering your Kids: Screw Math and Science

Barack Obama, America's Author in Chief

Honest Services

Is Rahmbo on the Chopping Block?

Barack Obama is a radical ideologue. And he has a detachment from most Americans that is chilling.

I would just add--I've taken a lot of abuse on my contention of his radicalism--which I pegged way back. I knew a lot of Marxists too at Harvard where I studied Russian History and Literature. Most of them were sympathizers. But some were not.

We'll see if this man, our President, finally changes his direction after the shambles he has made of our economy and foreign policy. But I doubt it. We need to vote for our lives this fall.

...I will give him this. He is moving forward in Afghanistan, supporting the judgment of Generals Petraeus and McChrystal. Rooting out the horrific raping and murderous evil that threatens all of us.

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MarySue said...

That video was really interesting. One thing I wondered you might know. There was a portion where Dr. Drew was asked about what had changed his thinking or made him realize Marxism was not all it was cracked up to be. Has Obama ever answered a question like that? He freely admits these were the people he was drawn to in his book, so it would be a natural follow up on what changed his thinking. Not that I believe he has, mind you. There should be a coherent answer if he did though. Just wondering if you knew.

Anne said...

I have never heard Obama talk about that, nor has anyone ever asked him that question that I'm aware of.

The closest he's approached the subject was when he said he thought Ayers had been rehabilitated (very Chinese-commie speak don't you think)--and then later claimed he hardly knew him--that the Ayers domestic terrorism had happened when Barack was a kid. (I know he doesn't know much about history--but of course he knew about it--that's why he sought Ayers out for his first fundraiser in the radical Hyde Park community--to succeed a known Communist in the state rep seat. Duh) As we know, the MSM gave him a HUGE pass. Figure if it were a GOP candidate and he had links to some vigilante group, even a harmless militia doing civil war reenactments the MSM would have been all over it.

MarySue said...

Interesting, I figured he wouldn't have been asked since the media hates to challenge him. If you took the radical connections aside though and posed the question as you would with Drew, you would expect a detailed answer like Drew gave. In a way it would have been a gift to him if he could answer the question with a credible answer. There are those who are drawn to that as you said in college but wake up. I doubt he falls in that category.

It would be interesting to see how he handled that question, though I doubt we ever will see it. By the time the next election rolls around he will have taken a pass on running or the entire media will be devoted to carrying him through.

Anne said...

Yes, you're right.

I do wonder if he'll run again though, interestingly. Peggy Noonan mentions it.

The left is mad now, and how long will Ayers shut up about the big stuff:)

But who else could save the Dems? :) in 2012

MarySue said...

He'll run but I know a few Dems who are praying Hillary will primary him. Granted they are not the majority, at least not yet. What fun that would be to blog.

I was reading some of your older posts on Ayers earlier, fascinating. I take it you think he won't be able to contain himself?