Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let these children go

A child is not a statistic. But the liberal approach Eric Zorn advocates treats them that way. Liberals always think they know better what is best--for someone else. Yet they don't want anyone else to judge their choices--most notably in the case of abortion.

So who really cares about an individual, and a choice?

Can't we recognize that the Chicago public school system has failed the most vulnerable over and over and over, years of unspeakable tragedy and lost dreams.

Let these children go. Give their caring parents the chance to make a choice. If their parents don't care, let a caring liberal, or conservative, or an apolitical person mentor them.

Let these children go. Public schools will not disappear--they will have to compete. Vouchers will save most public schools money, as they would be less than public schools spend, and as Dennis Byrne points out, they would incur none of the costs. Give special needs students more dollars to follow them to the school setting of their choice--let their voice be heard.

As for religious influence, God forbid we have any of that in a child's life. God forbid someone who's lost parents, siblings, or friends should find comfort in a faith larger than themselves.

God forbid anyone should be concerned about the content of their character.

These children are individuals. Give them a choice. Give them a chance.

Deep in my heart, I do believe, we shall overcome some day.

Don't stand in the schoolhouse door.

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Anonymous said...

Eric Porn's two younger children attend, and his older child graduated from, a private K-8 school...making him a big, boring hypocrite for opposing vouchers for parents who can't afford private schools.

Eric Porn also speaks and writes on behalf of The Ethical Humanist Society, an organization serving as a secular, diety-free substitute for organized religion... He advocates secularism to the point of making it a religion, rendering his arguments against public funding for schools that teach religion biased beyond credibility.

Anne said...


You had to know he was parsing his words. Typical liberal.

And thanks for the ethical humanist info. Secularism as religion is in the public schools--and worse propaganda, as we know.