Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mike Pence, Standing O Machine

Video of his speech at the SRLC this afternoon via the Right Scoop, who noted the twitter description of the stand up guy from Indiana.

Count Pence with 2012 potential, but for now he's rallying Indiana to go red again this fall.

faith4liberty RT @TN_SmartGirl: Pence: "Let the world know this if it knows nothing else: America stands with Israel." // Amen

@anitamoncrief: Mike Pence is so presidential
...And in case you missed them, powerful remarks from Herman Cain. Via Pundit & Pundette.

...Newt video and links, including one on Republican-libertarian former Governor Gary Johnson. Ruby Slippers. Nice Deb with the latest--she's there. Full Newt speech here. He is the idea man. And he knows his history.

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