Saturday, April 10, 2010

More Obama Ayers Confirmation

Terrorist Bill Ayers Helped Obama Onto Annenberg Board. Tom Maguire

Law professor and political scientist Steve Diamond explores the latest, as fallout from David Remnick's book. I last heard from Diamond, and wrote Obama Ayers Queering your Kids: Screw Math and Science after my run-in with Ayers at Reagan National last fall.

More offhand revelations to come. Perhaps after we vote this serial liar of a president out of office.

UPDATE: Ron Radosh, Pajamas Media: David Remnick Revisits Obama and Bill Ayers. But What has he Left Out?

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Frankns said...

I'm wonder if we haven't concentrated too much power in the hands of one person: the President. Regardless of who he/she may be, one person really shouldn't be able to accomplish so much in opposition to "the consent of the governed."