Monday, May 10, 2010

Ritual Nicks and Beating Women Lightly

The American Academy of Pediatrics gives a green light to advocates of Sharia law in the U.S who wish to perform clitorectomies on girls. Oh, they won't characterize it that way, nor will their fellow PC apologists at Salon or the NY Times, but that will be the end result.

Some unexpected revulsion over at Andrew Sullivan.

Kind of like the polite Beating Women Lightly a U.S. imam suggested as a moderate way to mesh cultures. This undermines mothers and fathers who resist these barbaric cultural pressures, aided up until now by U.S. law and practice.

We could also consider how abortion enthusiasts piously intone health exceptions for the mother for abortion. Just a little nick and that inconvenient tissue is gone.

...Are they crying in the womb?

And then there are Islam's Nowhere Men. Fouad Ajami, WSJ. Unsettled by a world they can neither master nor reject.

Let's not be an accessory to their world mastering us.

Mutilation and death of innocents are not the marks of a civilized society.

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