Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Tea Party Mom

Deal with it. It started small. Soccer mom no more. Security mom God bless and more of us step up now. Don't call me angry.

This is a big effin deal, Democrats.

You have made the moms mad.

And you will rue the day.

There is no creature more outraged than a Mama Bear.

We are women:)

We are fierce. "Feminists", figure it out.

The hand that rocks the cradle rocks the vote.

Happy Mother's Day.

We are mad as hell.

Flowers and chocolate are good but TEA is golden.

P.S. Liberty Belle from way back.

And God Bless America. American as mom and apple pie.

P.P.S. More on fed up:
Even with the decision to jettison news from a magazine called Newsweek, its leaders could not bring themselves to acknowledge what the magazine actually was. And the public beheld it, and like the child in the classic New Yorker cartoon, the public said, “I say it’s spinach, and I say the hell with it.”
Via Ace, who also has something to say.

...Well and we elected The One, but we've moved on. (Well, I sure as hell never voted for the jerk.)

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Lisa G in NZ said...

yeaaah baby! good column...

Anne said...

I get mad sometimes:)