Monday, June 07, 2010

Blogger back up, What's up:Helen Thomas Gooooone

Chris Muir. Pat Hickey takes on the feckless Zorn. More on the planned mosque at Ground Zero. Not exactly a place of worship that comports with our Constitution:

SPENCER: Well, Sharia Law denies equality of rights...

HANNITY: To women.

SPENCER: ... to non-Muslims, to women.

HANNITY: Right, right.

SPENCER: And it does not allow for them to operate in an equal system.

See, the thing about Sharia is unlike — you mentioned Jewish courts in the beginning, Sean. The thing, the difference is, is that no other religious system makes rules for people who are outside the religion. But Islamic law does. And it mandates, institutionalizes the subjugation of non-Muslims. And so that's what Feisal Abdul Rauf is actually calling for.

And the subjugation of gays too of course. They bury them alive under Sharia in Iran. How do you like them apples, Zorn.

Ethnic cleanser Helen Thomas thankfully retires, no thanks to even the center left and the MSM.

So Sorry Trib "reporter", this woman off the boat is NOT multiculti. She doesn't get a pass. Trib "reporter" presents Hamas view, how lovely.

Out in LA Jon Voight spoke at the rally for Israel. Rasmussen polls here. Charles Krauthammer on the Trib op-ed page. Perhaps their "reporter" could educate herself.

Lest she be forced to wear a head scarf, or perhaps a faceless burka against her will.

Do you know what they chanted on that boat?:
Whatever the humanitarian motives of the Irish party heading towards Gaza on the 'Rachel Corrie', the overall effect of this mission to Gaza has been to support Hamas.

Did you see the Arab women's headgear on Al Jazeera TV News before the assault? Did you hear what they were singing?

Passengers on the Turkish vessel chanted: "Remember Khairbar, Khaibar, O Jews. The Army of Mohammed will return." This was a reference to the prophet's seizure of a Jewish-held oasis, the last Jewish settlement in Arabia.

Most of the Jews were slaughtered and their leader, Kinana bin al-Rabi, was captured. He was tied down and a fire lit on his chest and, just before death, he was beheaded. His wife was then forcibly 'married' to Mohammed. This is the event that some of the Gaza 'peace mission' -- though obviously, not the Irish -- were celebrating in song.

And no, this doesn't justify anyone being killed. But do you really believe that the Israelis set out to murder people? If so, why did they kill so few?
And the "peace activists" went on to say more. They might have been quoting Helen Thomas.

P.S. An international investigation? What a sick joke.

More. TAS: Hamas's brutal crackdown on NGOs in Gaza speaks volumes about what's really going on.

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