Thursday, July 15, 2010

Backing Sarah Palin

CNN Reporter Dana Bash Laughs as Kathy Griffin Calls Scott Brown’s Daughters ‘Prostitutes’

Of course Griffin prefaced it with an ad hominem attack on Sarah Palin, this time not smearing her family but someone else's. This is what passes for courage and "humor" on the left. Lots of people are trying to get attention these days, whether it's smacking an "uppity" conservative woman back or pumping up their new! conventional wisdom cable show.

Palin is in charge of her message and it continues to resonate with Americans.

Why is that? Because Sarah Palin has worked her way up on her own merits, she doesn't talk PC--she's probably the most honest speaker on the political scene--and she's been right on the issues that count with most Americans.

The ObamaCare death panel is the most prominent example of her vindication.

As for Palin connecting, well, I was pleased to take part in a blogger call with SarahPAC yesterday. She'll continue to endorse and encourage candidates through the fall and her new book, America by Heart, is coming out around Thanksgiving, "a tribute to American values".

Our values and our characters are being trashed every day by the anointed ones who pay homage to this administration.

Sarah Palin has our back.

And we have hers.

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