Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Barack Obama, Red Star Radical

Stanley Kurtz has a new book on Barack Obama coming out in October, right before the election. Thank you, God. Take no bows, Barack.

Kurtz was attacked by the Obamabots in 2008 when he helped to sound the alarm on Barack Obama's radical friends, the Rev. Wright, ACORN, and his collaboration with Bill Ayers on his only claim to executive experience--the massive failure of the Annenberg Challenge grant to reform Chicago Public Schools.

There can be no ambiguity on this biography.

HT Pundit & Pundette.

Related. A top sleuth on Obama's radical roots, New Zeal's Trevor Loudon's look at Journalist, lots of connections and questions:
Were the "Journolistas" really just a "chat group", or were they a conduit of information to and from the Obama Administration?

Did some of their members actually have some influence on policy and/or appointments within the Obama Administration?

Was JournoList, actually an intelligence and influence brokering network for the Obama campaign and Administration?

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