Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blago's Kids as Props

Making a mockery of the classic pol with family photo. John Kass:

The jury and the kids listened as prosecutors recounted Blagojevich's famous line about selling that Senate seat: "I've got this thing and it's (bleeping) golden and I'm not just giving it up for (bleeping) nothing."

Patti made sure the 14-year-old daughter carried a Coach bag and wore a little black dress just like mommy.

Sitting next to them was the 7-year-old little sister. The child held her sippy cup, for the jury to see, as federal prosecutors called her daddy a liar, a crook, a schemer and a political weasel.

Well, they've heard a lot before.

And what great parents, extending the designer spending to their daughter.

Closing statement today from one of Blago's lawyers, perhaps not the flamboyant Sam Adam Jr.

Convicted felon Tony Rezko is missing from the witness stand--neither the prosecution nor defense called him up. The once reliable political fixer for Blago and Obama is too dicey for both sides to testify. Valerie Jarrett and Rahm Emanuel dodge a day in court as well. And despite his big talk for months, Blago (gee what about the president's phone call(s) himself won't defend his "innocence". A lot of what we hoped would be laid bare in this trial has stayed buried.

We the people are the props and the backdrop.

P.S. Blagojevich's Life-Size Elvis May Be Auctioned Off

Intrade on Blago.

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