Saturday, October 09, 2010

Dems Play Race Card Against Kirk

On the issue of vote fraud. Vote fraud of all things. In Chicago, of all places. Princess the Goldfish is offended. Oh and the word "jigger" is raaaacist. Because it rhymes. Video: Clearly an attempt at diversion from Alexi's recent disasters. Is this the best they can do? Absolutely pathetic. Latest on the race here and here. Polls here.

P.S. What rhymes with (Alderman Freddrenna) Lyle? Guile?

Oh, and I like an Irish jig. Does that make me a raaaacist? Can we say the jig is up.

Related news. Debate between the two on Meet the Press this Sunday.

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...Thanks for the link! The latest in a series--Legal Insurrection: Saturday Night Card Game (Time To Rejigger The Race Card) Hmm, and finds some other insensitive remarks.


John Carey said...

Are these people for real? Wow. Is this really what they're running with. You got to be kidding me. If you want my opinion it really makes them look silly and petty.

Anne said...

Well yes. But then this is Chicago.

And you see how the newsies treated it fairly seriously.

MarySue said...

Nice link Anne! This is really unbelievable, they are so desperate.

Anne said...

It's so sick.