Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hollywood Hendon for Quinn. Shoots his mouth off BFD

Dems for you:

Several local politicians attended the rally, led by U.S. Rep. Danny Davis, at the New Tabernacle of Faith Baptist Church, which was filled with union workers when Hendon launched into his attack on Republican governor nominee Bill Brady, a state senator from Bloomington.

"Let me tell you a couple things. I've served with Bill Brady. I've never served with such an idiotic, racist, sexist, homophobic person in my life," Hendon told the crowd. "If you think that the minimum wage needs to be $3 an hour, vote for Bill Brady. If you think that women have no rights whatsoever except to have his children, vote for Bill Brady. If you think gay and lesbian people need to be locked up and shot in the head, vote for Bill Brady."

The crowd clapped loudly as Hendon wound up his sermon-style introduction, some shouting "No sir!" as Hendon ticked off his criticism of Brady.

Oh yeah, we're the crazy ones.

If you think the minimum wage prices new workers out of the market you'd be right.

If you think women are beyond this knee-jerk demagoguery you'd be right.

If you want to get to the point and think Illinois needs a governor that will fix this state you'd be right.

Hollywood Hendon. Situational ethics. And let's talk sexist. As for raaacist, well that's a dead letter these days. Idiotic, no need to illustrate that one.

We need jobs. We need a better future. No contest.

...a bankrupt government can't help anybody.

Nor does name-calling.

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