Monday, October 11, 2010

Laughable Objections to Meeks

One of our President Barack Obama's original spiritual advisers, the Rev. James Meeks may run for mayor of Chicago. Sun Times:

Chicago's African-American political leaders are working to find a black consensus candidate.

"The moment it seems like his candidacy is getting some attention, they come out and say he cannot be CEO of two organizations," said the Rev. Ira Acree of Greater St. John Bible Church. A more clear-cut conflict can be found with lawmakers like Ald. Ed Burke (14th) and Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan, who have lucrative law practices in addition to political offices, the ministers said.

We could add the Rev. Meeks is also and already a state Rep. So much for the argument by opponents of "separation of church and state". If his fellow Dems weren't bothered by that before, why now. Tribune story here.

The Rev. Meeks has at times been independent in his ideas, especially in taking on the Chicago teachers' union.

John Kass on the double standard.

P.S. And as far as marriage goes...

So at the risk of awkwardness, we must talk about the facts of life. It is true that marriage is, in part, an emotional union, and it is also true that spouses often take care of each other and thereby reduce the caregiving burden on other people. But neither of these truths is the fundamental reason for marriage. The reason marriage exists is that the sexual intercourse of men and women regularly produces children. [snip]

Marriage exists, in other words, to solve a problem that arises from sex between men and women but not from sex between partners of the same gender: what to do about its generativity. It has always been the union of a man and a woman (even in polygamous marriages in which a spouse has a marriage with each of two or more persons of the opposite sex) for the same reason that there are two sexes: It takes one of each type in our species to perform the act that produces children. That does not mean that marriage is worthwhile only insofar as it yields children. (The law has never taken that view.) But the institution is oriented toward child-rearing. (The law has taken exactly that view.) What a healthy marriage culture does is encourage adults to arrange their lives so that as many children as possible are raised and nurtured by their biological parents in a common household. [snip]

When a marriage involving children breaks down, or a marriage culture weakens, government has to get more involved, not less.

...what is the biggest tragedy in Chicago--the one that few talk about.

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