Monday, October 25, 2010

Morning Tweet Talk

Doug Powers
60 Minutes Blows Team Obama’s 9.5% Unemployment Claim Out of the Water

RJC National
McClatchy: , Palestinians agree not to embarrass Obama before midterm elections //Team BHO politicizing M.E. peace

memeorandum Firehose
For college students, it's so not '08 (Matt Negrin / The Politico)

Dan Proft
Blago trial ppd until after Chgo mayor's election; Ali G bank rept ppd til after Nov. 2 election. Happy coincidences,

The Other 'Kennedy Seat' at Risk: GOP Candidate Tied in Rhode Island House Race:
MICHAEL BARONE: Voters Fed Up With Big, Bossy Government. Why has the Democrats’ theory of histo…: MICHAEL BARON...

Halloween Dog Parade NYC

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