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Trib Slams Seals for Lying

UPDATE: New Dold ad***It takes a lot for the Trib to get mad enough to devote an entire editorial. Chicago Tribune Slams IL-10 Democrat Candidate For Lying

...It's really, really sad Dan Seals thinks he needs to lie to win. What does that say about his character and how he would represent the district.

Team America's 10th district blog on the rally with Rep. Eric Cantor. I've said Dold's got the mo, this is more evidence.

But we've got to VOTE our guts out. Let's turn this country around. Let's get back to work.

From Dold for Congress:
Dold for Congress Launches 10-Day “Let’s Get to Work” Bus Tour

Winnetka, IL -- Tenth District Congressional Candidate Robert Dold today launched a 10-day “Let’s Get to Work” Bus Tour that will crisscross the 10th District meeting with voters, businesses and organizations leading up to Election Day.

“I’m excited to end the campaign just as we started it more than a year ago – meeting directly with voters all across the District to listen to their concerns and talk about my vision for low taxes, less spending and more jobs,” said Dold.

The “Let’s Get to Work” Bus Tour launched with a rally at Dold Headquarters featuring Eric Cantor, the current House Minority Whip. Representative Cantor spoke at the rally and attended two campaign stops with the Dold campaign. Over the next ten days, Dold will shake tens of thousands of hands as the “Let’s Get to Work” Bus stops at numerous small businesses, senior homes, train stations, restaurants, diners and community centers across the District.

“The massive spending perpetuated in Washington has severely hindered growth in small business and private-sector jobs,” said Dold campaign spokesperson John McGovern. “After $862 billion spent through the Stimulus, we’re left with over ten percent unemployment in Illinois and a climate that discourages small businesses from keeping and adding jobs.”

Small business job creation has pulled the country out of the last seven economic recessions by creating two out of every three jobs during recovery. Dold supports policies that will help small business by creating an environment that allows them to grow and hire more workers. Dold supports the permanent extension of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts for all Americans.

  • Dold opposes the death tax to encourage saving and investment, and to prevent a double-tax on family businesses.
  • Dold opposes massive spending packages like the Stimulus Bill and industry bailouts that have dug the country deeper into debt.
  • Dold wants to replace the health care reform legislation to improve the quality of health care and stop the escalating cost of care.
  • Dold supports a comprehensive energy plan to develop renewable energy options, domestic oil and natural gas exploration, and nuclear energy.
  • Dold strongly opposes an energy tax, which would hurt us in the 10th District because of the long winters and high energy needs.

“This is a critical election that will decide what path our country takes forward,” said Dold. “I believe the current path in Washington that taxes more and spends more is the wrong direction. I support a better way forward to lower the national debt and rebuild our economy to get Americans back to work, and I will take that message to the 10th District voters over the next ten days.”

For information on each day’s activities or to schedule an interview with Robert Dold, please contact John McGovern at 202-265-2746 or Danielle Hagen at 202-365-6112.

About Robert Dold:

Robert Dold owns and operates a small business, Rose Pest Solutions, located in Northfield, IL. A graduate of New Trier High School, Dold earned a law degree from Indiana University and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He worked on Capitol Hill as investigative counsel for the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee before returning to the 10th Congressional District to work and raise his family. To learn more, visit


Robert Dold Releases New Internet Ad at Press Avail Today
Ad Addresses False Attacks on Pro-Choice Stance

Winnetka, ILTenth District Congressional candidate Robert Dold will launch a new ad today at a press avail at the ITW Paslode Facility (14050 W. Lambs Lane) in Libertyville at 11:30 a.m. The 30-second ad, titled “Sisters to Seals: ‘Tell the Truth,’” addresses the false attacks made in flyers and television ads by Dold’s opponent Dan Seals.

“Bob’s sisters and family were appalled by the ads written by the Seals’ campaign to scare women and deliberately mislead voters on a key issue--Choice,” said Dold campaign spokesperson John McGovern. “Bob’s family wanted 10th District voters to know the truth and this ad sets the record straight on Bob’s Pro-Choice stance.”

Dold’s family was not the only group offended by these false ads. Today, the Chicago Tribune called on Dan Seals and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to pull down their ads saying, “We are not impressed that Seals would give voters false ideas about his opponent’s views on abortion. Not impressed at all. He and the DCCC should drop these very misleading ads.”

The Tribune editorial continued, “You can get immune to candidates taking liberties with the truth as they rip each other during campaigns, but sometimes they mislead voters so badly you have to call them on it. Such is the case with Democrat Dan Seals.”

For more information on Dold’s Pro-Choice stance, visit

Click here to view the ad, Sisters to Seals: “Tell the Truth”

Kelley Dold McDonald: “We want to tell you about our brother, Robert Dold, who’s running for Congress.” Katie White: “Bob loves this community. He’s raising his family here, and he’s a small business owner.”
Kelley Dold McDonald: “But he has been the target of a vicious campaign that’s tried to tear him down.”
Katie White: “Dan Seals, stop telling lies about Bob. We need to elect people who tell the truth.”
Dr. Kristie Bennett: “Well here’s the truth from the women who know him best. Bob Dold is Pro-Choice. He has always supported our right to choose.”

Dold: “I’m Robert Dold and I’m proud to approve this message.
On November 2nd, I ask for your vote.”

Once again. Tribune:
There are differences in their views. Dold supports laws that require a parent be notified before his or her minor child has an abortion, Seals opposes parental notification. Seals supports public funding for abortion; Dold opposes it. Seals supports partial-birth abortion, Dold opposes it.

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