Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Vivid Illustration: Obamanomics' Bust in Illinois 17th

This Illinois district on the Mississippi illustrates Obamanomics' disconnect in the heartland. The corrupt union, (and see this) is up with an ad to support old Dem Phil I don't care about the Constitution Hare, the congressman who calls the debt and deficit a "myth". A myth?! Jobs have cratered, the recovery has flatlined, as ruinous Big Government spending has sucked all the life out of the economy.
The American people know it even if his defenders in the media continue to ignore the failure of Obamanomics.

He promised us 8 percent unemployment if he could spend $800 billion in "stimulus" and we got unemployment closer to 10 percent and then he assures us it would have been worse. He hammers corporate America and Wall Street for profiting when the rest of America suffers, but his administrations handed Goldman Sachs et al., all that corporate welfare to start with. [snip]

"Forget about Big Business moving away from us," said one administration official, "we're losing the Kiwanis Club guys who own a small business and spend their nights wearing those funny hats. They're independents and we need them but all the class warfare stuff seems to have pushed them away."
Yeah, people on Main St. are just a bunch of buffoons. Look, this kind of reaction is happening even in the Chicago suburbs among small businesses there.

In a casual aside in an interview with the elitist NY Times, the president admitted (Memeorandum) what most Americans have known for months-- all those shovel ready projects were a big lie.
Quad City Times with the SEIU ad. One commenter:

I mean seriously? Is this the only issue that Hare, the SEIU, and the DNCC can win on? The jobs have already left? Do we need someone who has helped doubled the unemployment in his own district since he’s taken office take us even further down that same path. I think not.

Schilling fires back. Obviously his message has resonance. His new ad: VOTE Bobby Schilling. Bob's for Jobs.

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