Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SEIU Material Support for Terror, Vote Fraud, Steals from Members?

Our President Barack Obama's favorite union, the SEIU, the ACORN twin, is engulfed in a firestorm. But if you just read the MSM you'd never know.

We have the PC media repeatedly burying a key fact in the Chicago FBI raid on "anti-war activists". An SEIU union steward is front and center in an investigation of providing material support for terrorists overseas (and here?) With the backdrop of the incident at O'Hare, an attempted attack in front of a popular bar near the Cubs' Wrigley Field, and the perpetrator expressing hopes to murder Mayor Daley, nothing to see here.

The terror tempo rises in Chicago, the US and now we learn, Europe. This SEIU steward, Joe Iosbaker and his wife are also members of Barack Obama's radical New Party, instrumental in his rise to power. Even the Kennedys have had enough--Bill Ayers, Barack Obama's political godfather, was denied U of I emeritus status in the middle of this timeline. Why? The stated reason was his book dedication years ago to Sirhan Sirhan, the murderer of U of I board of trustee chairman Chris Kennedy's dad, RFK. Perhaps it was really just a few old books and postcards. Nothing to see here.

In Houston a former SEIU official is revealed by a citizens group of engaging in massive voter registration fraud. The day after authorities launch an investigation Houston's voting machines are destroyed by a 3-alarm fire.

And the President's top visitor to the White House, the recently resigned leader of the union he chose to furtively convey his wishes on his old Senate seat to Blago, is now under investigation for financial scandal and corruption.

But there's nothing to see here.

P.S. ACORN Is Very Much Alive; Funding Ban Dies This Week

Associated Press? Advocacy Press Rather. AP Shilling for SEIU and Anti-Israeli Activists in Illinois and Minnesota FBI Terror Probe

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