Sunday, January 09, 2011

This grim morning

Tipping point in Illinois. John Kass on a state where soon those who suck at the public teat may outnumber the rest of us. With this:

But don't worry about the political leaders. Madigan is making a fortune as a tax reduction attorney, even while controlling state tax policy. Cullerton has a nice deal with that title insurance company. And the Daley boys? Well, the mayor is set to cash in once he retires, Billy is watching over President Obama, and the others are doing just fine.

On the other major news, can we stipulate on this horrific tragedy. The presumably paranoid schizophrenic shooter's favorite books were the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf. Chicago Boyz early on: The Psychology of Political Shooters.

An unseemly rush, a less than responsible state leadership. Statesmanship would serve the country better.

P.S. A sanctimonious Sen. Dick Durbin.

More. Newsbusters on clear media bias. Powerline on "dangerous discourse" here and here.

More at ChicagoBoyz, from one who knows Arizona well. And Jennifer Rubin at the WaPo.

And remembering Laurie Dann.


If our Worthy Opponents truly want a more civilized discussion of political differences, they could start - today - by acknowledging that the 'right' is in no way responsible for these terrible deeds, any more than are Literacy Advocates or those on the left who relentlessly attack conservative women candidates on such a personal level.

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