Thursday, March 03, 2011

Madison Union Pigout Costing $3million a week. WISenDems on the lam in Illinois

To date it's up to about $5million. Before they restricted access it was costing $3-4 million a week. Listening to Charlie Sykes, WTMJ, Milwaukee, who was at the state capitol yesterday.

The state of Wisconsin is already bleeding money, Illinois is bankrupt but Dems from Wisconsin and Indiana take refuge here with their fellow scoundrels raping the taxpayer.
Governor Walker
Interesting column in @. Author notes that even FDR warned against collective bargaining for the public sector.
Other news: At least Dems there haven't skipped out and have honored the results of their election. Unlike Dems in Wisconsin and Indiana who are trying to stop democracy.

The union leaders are trying to hold on to unaffordable benefits and power even as young teachers are being laid off. Gov. Walker speaks from experience because this is what the union did in Milwaukee County--they don't care about individuals, they don't care that they are extorting money from taxpayers who are struggling to stay afloat and make on average about half of what teachers make.

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