Monday, May 09, 2011

Earth to Dick Durbin: NOT Tax. Drill Baby Drill

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-BrokeObamaLand) wants to stop the Big Baaaaaad Oil "joyride". Give me a break. Recycle those talking points, Dickie:
Standing across the street from a Marathon gas station in Urbana where gas cost almost $3.87 a gallon on Sunday, Durbin took up one of the cranky consumer's favorite topics: gas prices. And he took aim at oil companies.

"Oil company profits have more than quadrupled since George Bush took office," he said,

Oops. 2008. By this logic though, shouldn't we blame Barack Obama now, since he's president, hmm?

But logic doesn't figure in with these Dems. Even the Congressional Research Service is forced to point out the obvious--tax hikes will raise gas prices.

(You know, all those state and local taxes make Illinois gas prices routinely rank among the highest in the country. Then there are the federal regulators, out of control)

One more time--we need to drill here, drill now. We have plenty of energy to liberate.

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