Wednesday, July 06, 2011

42% Give the NEA Positive Marks, 54% Like the NRA

A snapshot of America:) Rasmussen.

Will these be the winning numbers for Republicans in 2012? Here's a key stat:
Seventy-five percent (75%) of the Political Class don’t care for the NRA, but 61% of Mainstream voters regard the group favorably.
So when you hear a GOP Tea party candidate can't win--don't believe it.

You'll notice Dems don't campaign on gun control any more--I think it was the Goracle's non-election that killed that issue for them.

Interesting how every state in the country, blue and red alike, have concealed carry--cuz it's a proven crime-reducer--except Illinois. Our President Barack Obama's home state. Where crime is rampant, the latest this weekend, in Boystown.

So we'll cling to our guns and our religion. And God Bless America. Which you didn't start saying in your perennial campaign speeches until after your omission (no God Bless America at the end) and Michele's admission were noted in the Wisconsin primary.

Good luck with that in 2012:)

More. Flash mob in Milwaukee. Via Drudge: Wisc beating victim: 'They just said "Oh, white girl bleeds a lot"'...:
"I saw some of my friends on the ground getting beat pretty severely. They got away with one of my friends' bikes. Some people had their wallets stolen," said Mowrer, who owns a house with her boyfriend in Riverwest. "It didn't seem like it was a mugging - it seemed like an attack. Like they weren't after anything - just violence."
Andy Lange, 29, a social worker who has lived in Riverwest for 10 years, said one of his friends was hit in the head with a bottle and needed staples to close the wound. Lange said he was struck in the face and didn't even see who hit him.
Perry needed three stitches to close a cut above her eye. She said she saw a friend getting kicked and when she walked up to ask what was happening, a man punched her in the face.
"I heard laughing as they were beating everybody up. They were eating chips like it was a picnic," said Perry, a restaurant cashier. "All I remember is seeing bright lights (after the punch), then my backpack was gone and blood was spurting out of my head."
P.S. Who's being criminally irresponsible with guns? Nice Deb: Report: ATF’s Melson Tells Congressional Investigators He Knew Nothing About Gun-Walking Until the Controversy Erupted

More. NEA’s Obama endorsement comes as union’s influence wavers Some of those not happy with the NEA and its endorsement are no doubt on the left. Maybe they'll just stay home and not vote.

More. Andrew Klavan on the gap between us and the political class.

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