Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"When everybody is armed, it's a very polite society"

We're the site of a rise in flash mobs, but Illinois is the only state that doesn't allow concealed carry. Don't we have a right to defend ourselves? The police can't be everywhere, nor are they, as people have been beaten even in upscale areas. Others live with danger every day. It's no coincidence the main plaintiffs for the landmark Chicago gun rights case have been victims of crime:
"It's the best thing in the world, Illinois is so backward it's unreal," said Chris DeYoung, owner of the Glenwood Gun and Pistol Range. "Illinois should have had a carry [provision] years ago."

DeYoung said lifting Illinois' ban would help keep crime down in the state, especially in Chicago where he said crime is rampant. He pointed to recent mob attacks where large groups have been targeting people to rob.

"When everybody is armed, it's a very polite society," said DeYoung.

Illinois lawmakers recently narrowly voted down a measure that would have ended the ban in the state. Had it passed, Gov. Pat Quinn had promised to veto it.
The city still has a very restrictive gun law. (This from the leftie Chicago Reader) We could use a more polite society in Illinois.

...It seems that the liberal elites with taxpayer-funded bodyguards are the only ones opposed to a common sense concealed carry law.


SpearWolf said...

The best thing that could happen to stop these flash mob attacks is for one of the victims to pull a gun & take care of a couple of the perps. Unfortunately, in this state, the criminal will be the shooter who is only acting in self defense. But,even though our state's "leaders" will continue to try to trample our 2nd amendment rights, time and trends are on our side. Eventually, IL citizens will get a limited right to carry....although it will take a long time & probably several victories in court .... My gosh, even citizens of the People's Republics of New York & Kalifornia have more gun rights than we do.

Anne said...

Yeah, good points all.

I heard John Kass this morning on with Don and Roma talking about being in favor of "reveal and carry". Strap it on your leg

SpearWolf said...

Yeah, ANY kind of allowed carry would be an improvement. But, the real crime deterrent factor has got to be when the criminals have absolutely no idea who is armed & who isn't. Anybody who can read the data with an open mind can see that concealed carry laws have actually reduced crime where they've been enacted. We need to make these creeps wonder if this next crime might be their last act on Earth.