Sunday, July 31, 2011

Superhero Boehner?

CNBC debt buzz blog has this up:)

Do we have a new hero America?:)

Jonah Goldberg

Shut up, Schakowsky.

...You are old news--this is the new movement:
Anne Leary

8 hours ago
Clinton's old fart Dem pollster who still hasn't figured it out after umpteen years. It took me one term of Jimmy Carter:
Oddly, many voters prefer the policies of Democrats to the policies of Republicans. They just don’t trust the Democrats to carry out those promises.
Somehow utopia doesn't ever get here. More from Greenberg:

... a crisis of government legitimacy is a crisis of liberalism


Our new hero is everyman.

...Actually the solution sounds a lot like Palinomics to me:)

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